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Individuals may request for specific legal advice by emailing the probonocentre [at] (subject: SOL%20COVID19-Query) (SMU Pro Bono Centre). The service is available only to those who satisfy certain eligibility criteria. A list of free pro bono services is also available here.

Covid-19 has systematically impacted everyone in Singapore and around the world in 2020: it has taken lives, destroyed jobs and businesses, disrupted learning, and upended social interactions. At the height of the pandemic, SMU students, staff and alumni came together to provide information to members of the public in a dedicated portal about the legal regulations and support schemes introduced in Singapore in response to the virus outbreak, as well as non-legal information of a general nature on the virus situation. In 2021, most of the measures have been wound down gradually in view of the low incidence of community transmission and the start of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. We have preserved the information produced as an archive of our collective service to the Singapore community.

Disclaimer: The materials provided on this website are not intended to replace, substitute or supplement legal advice and legal action that may be needed. Please consult a lawyer if you need assistance.