Student-proposed Pro Bono Projects

Students and/or student groups who wish to propose pro bono projects must ensure that the intended project satisfies all the following criteria set by SILE:

  • Activities must substantially involve the application of legal knowledge and skills by law students;
  • Activities must be undertaken without financial reward or academic credit (other than to fulfil a graduation requirement);
  • Activities must have, as their primary purpose, increasing access to justice (which shall include raising awareness of legal rights, liabilities and responsibilities, and of self-help remedies such as mediation, negotiation and alternative means of conflict resolution) for disadvantaged persons;
  • Activities must be supervised by a qualified lawyer;
  • Activities must have direct interaction with the beneficiary (i.e. litigant-in-person, legal clinic applicants, etc).

The project must be approved by SILE in order to count towards pro bono service hours. It takes between 1 to 2 months for SILE to approve projects.  

Please Note: Students must not start any work before meeting with PBC and getting SILE approval. Any work done before it is approved will not be recognised for pro bono service hours.

For further information, refer to this document.