The Mediation Process

Arranging a Mediation Session

Upon receiving your application for mediation at the SMU Pro Bono Centre Mediation Clinic or the SMU Pro Bono Centre Campus Mediation Clinic, the Mediation Clinic Student Committee will screen and inform you of the suitability of your case for mediation via email.

If your case is suitable for mediation, you should first contact the other party to communicate your interest in mediating the case. Once both parties have agreed to mediate the dispute, kindly send an email to all parties and the Mediation Clinic Student Committee to confirm both of your interests in mediation. 

Once both parties have confirmed your interests to mediate, the Mediation Clinic Student Committee will follow up with the administrative procedures and arrange a mediation session for you. 


During the Mediation

During mediation, the mediator will listen as parties explain the dispute from their individual perspectives. Through joint and private sessions, the mediator will clarify the parties’ interests and guide the parties towards coming up with their own solutions.

The flow of mediation is shown in the flow chart below:

Mediation Flow Chart

*Note: The process of mediation differs for every case and may not strictly follow the above chart.