Pro Bono Centre Honour Roll

We appreciate the dedication of our students and volunteer lawyers to the pro bono cause. Certificates of recognition are given to JD students who complete 50 or more pro bono hours and LLB students who complete 80 or more pro bono hours. In addition, the following awards are given out annually to individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to pro bono service.

Spirit of Pro Bono Hero Award for the student who contributed the most number of pro bono hours in their graduating cohort

  • Mohamed Khairulnizam bin Abdul Jaffar (JD Class of 2023)
  • Gini Wong Wei Wen (LLB Class of 2023) 
  • Teo Hui Yan, Sarah (JD Class of 2022)
  • Meher Malhotra (LLB Class of 2022) 
  • Lokman Hakin bin Mohamed Rafi (JD Class of 2021)
  • Farahna Alam (LLB Class of 2021) 
  • Shim Eunkyung (JD Class of 2020)
  • Ong Jia Xin Abigail (LLB Class of 2020) 
  • Tan Wei Chieh (JD Class of 2019)
  • Susanna Abigail Yim (LLB Class of 2019)

Spirit of Pro Bono Champion Award for the volunteer lawyer who participated the most number of times at the SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic each year

  • Alvin Ong Chee Keong (2023)
  • Richard Tan Ming Kirk (2022)
  • Richard Tan Ming Kirk (2021)
  • Richard Tan Ming Kirk (2020)
  • Richard Tan Ming Kirk (2019)

Spirit of Pro Bono Bronze Award for the volunteer lawyer who served at least 5 years at the SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic

  • Matthew Teo Hee Ann (2023) 
  • Christian Teo Hee Sheng (2023) 
  • Jasper Hayden Chan Mun Jun (2023) 
  • Alvin Sia (2022) 
  • Charlotte Tan (2022)
  • Jolie Giouw (2022)
  • Zheng Pei (2021) 
  • Alvin Ong Chee Keong (2020) 
  • Richard Tan Ming Kirk (2019)

Special Awards

  • Kit Pang (Spirit of Pro Bono Leadership Award 2022) 
  • Neo Yu Fan (Spirit of Pro Bono Endeavour Award 2022)