About our Legal Clinic

The SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic is administered by the Pro Bono Centre with the help volunteer lawyers and SMU Law students. The legal clinic operates free of charge every Friday evening, except on Public Holidays and during the months of April and November.


7.00 pm to 8.30 pm (applicants to the clinic are advised to present themselves 20 minutes prior to allow time for registration)


Singapore Management University
School of Law
Pro Bono Centre
55 Armenian Street, Basement 2
Singapore 179943

Criteria for free legal advice:

  • Legal issue cannot be on a business, corporate or investment matter;
  • Has not sought legal advice on this matter before;
  • From low income or disadvantaged group.

Appointment for SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic:

Registration is required before an appointment is made for consultation at the legal clinic.

To register for appointment, you may:
  1. Call our hotline at +65 6828 1951
  2. Email us at probonocentre [at] smu.edu.sg?subject=[Register for appointment] SMU Pro Bono Legal Clinic">probonocentre [at] smu.edu.sg

You are required to provide basic information at the point of registration so that our lawyers can familiarise themselves with your issue ahead of the appointment. Such information includes:

  1. Personal details: name, NRIC, citizenship, age, marital status, gender, gross income, residential address, contact information;
  2. Any relevant court dates and deadlines - e.g. hearing dates, letter of demand;
  3. The name of any adverse party / parties (e.g. employer, spouse, landlord, tenant etc);
  4. Dates of any agreements, contracts and duration of events e.g. the length of marriage, dates of employment, number of months in default etc;
  5. Factual background of issue (e.g. amount of debt/loan, damages/injuries suffered, type of property & ownership (e.g. HDB, joint or sole ownership);
  6. Detailed description of issue;
  7. For divorce matters, the number of children, custody arrangements, maintenance agreements, division of matrimonial assets, details of how each party has contributed to the household and if this is a Muslim marriage. If eitherĀ spouseĀ is a foreigner or has spent time overseas, please also include citizenship and visa status, where they got married, where they have lived since then and whether they have been living together continuously, as well as how long each has lived in Singapore.

Supporting documents relevant to the matter must be provided.