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Since the inception of SMU, in service of humanity, SMU has required all students to serve certain number of community service as a graduating requirement. Students enrolled in the LLB program have to serve 80 hours and for those enrolled in the JD program, 50 hours. For law students these hours can be spent:-

1.  doing 80 hours (for LLB students) / 50 hours (for JD students) of SILE approved pro bono work


2.  doing the mandatory minimum of 20 hours of SILE approved pro bono work and the remaining hours spent in community service work offered by Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR).

These pro bono hours will be counted after the completion of Term 2, Year one. Pro bono hours committed prior to the aforementioned period will not count towards the graduating requirement.

It must be noted that this is a graduating requirement and hence students who do not comply with this requirement will not graduate till compliance is achieved.



It is our vision that by doing pro bono work, students :-

  1.  will develop conception of the practice of law as a service vocation by instilling in them a desire to serve the community, thereby making them more likely to continue doing pro bono work later in their professional lives.
  1.  experience how the law works in real life :-
    • through interaction with the SILE Pro Bono Core Agencies, the lawyers offering pro bono work and the indigents ;
    • by giving students an opportunity to apply what has been learnt in law school to real life situations, so as to enable them to appreciate the differences between theory and practice.
  1.  will develop the knowledge, skills, ethics and professionalism, moulding them to become better lawyers by providing training and professional development opportunities through pro bono activities.



Please refer to the following link http://www.sile.edu.sg/pro-bono-programme for latest list of SILE approved pro bono programs.

SMU Pro Bono Centre (probonocentre@smu.edu.sg) will provide and announce pro bono intakes and details via email blasts.

SMU Pro Bono Centre Student Manual can be downloaded from OnTRAC II > Resources > Document Library.  

SMU Pro Bono Centre Frequently Asked Questions (PBC FAQs) can be found here.  



Students who wish to propose ad hoc (or otherwise) pro bono programs must ensure:-

1.  the intended program satisfies all the following criteria :-

  • Activities must substantially involve the application of legal knowledge and skills by law students. 
  • Activities must be undertaken without financial reward or academic credit (other than to fulfill a graduation requirement). 
  • Activities must have, as their primary purpose, increasing access to justice (which shall include raising awareness of legal rights, liabilities and responsibilities, and of self-help remedies such as mediation, negotiation and alternative means of conflict resolution) for disadvantaged persons.

2.  File the application found here to the SMU Pro Bono Centre. All applications will be considered by the SILE Review Committee.