The Covid-19 pandemic has systematically impacted everyone in Singapore and around the world: it has taken lives, destroyed jobs and businesses, disrupted learning, and disturbed social interactions. This guide has been created as a community service for members of the public to learn about the legal implications of regulations that have been introduced in response to the virus outbreak, as well as non-legal information of a general nature on the virus situation.

Pro Bono Legal Advice

Individuals may request for specific legal advice by emailing the probonocentre [at] (subject: SOL%20COVID19-Query) (SMU Pro Bono Centre). The service is available only to those who satisfy certain eligibility criteria. A list of free pro bono services is also available here.

Disclaimer: The materials provided on this website are not intended to replace, substitute or supplement legal advice and legal action that may be needed. Please consult a lawyer if you need assistance.